Our focus at UAV is industrial inspections. By leveraging the latest technologies and piloting skills, we provide industry leading aerial asset inspections. Every aerial platform is custom tailored for each unique inspection. Our capabilities include 4k Video, 30x zoom, thermal imaging and more. Our system allows us to navigate the drone through difficult conditions while still gathering pin-point data. By utilizing our services, our customers keep their inspectors safe, increase the frequency of inspections and keep costs low. 

By utilizing our drone services we make documenting and monitoring your construction site easy. We can provide useful data such as site progress, asset locations, stockpile monitoring and visual inspections. From site planning and progress to marketing, the information we capture will be a key asset to your team.

There are many new and exciting uses for drone technology. With our expertise, we can tackle projects that will save your company money and keep people safe.

For further information or questions please contact us directly at info@mardron.com or call (+48) 602206257

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